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Which IFC class should I use?

Physical objects in an IFC file must be categorised to a class of object, which has implications on what properties are expected to be found on the object. For example, a wall has an IFC class of IfcWall. If your BIM model has missing or incorrect class categorisations, then your BIM model becomes difficult to use.

The classes available for you to use are different for each IFC version. In general, IFC4 has many more classes, and the upcoming IFC5 will include even more for infrastructure and landscape projects. It is not advisable to use IFC2x3, for the simple reason that it lacks many useful IFC classes.

This tool below lets you type what type of object you have, and it will try and find the right IFC class for you. It will recommend IFC4 classes. We do not encourage the use of IFC2x3 files.

This tool is currently only in English. If you know how to code, please contribute and improve this tool! If there is an object type you cannot find, please email me and I will add it to the list.

Find an IFC entity: