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The BlenderBIM Add-on would not be possible without dedicated open-source developers, volunteers, and industry members. You can be part of this amazing community too! Please share it with your friends, and help change the industry.

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The Open-Source Architecture Community brings together like-minded users and developers who share a common goal: that the built environment can be designed, constructed, operated, and recycled with free software, increased transparency, and a more ethical approach.

Chat and ask questions in our community forums, contribute to the wiki, or chat to us live with the live chat (note: we may not be online when you are, so don't expect an immediate response!)

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Participate in the IfcOpenShell Project


The BlenderBIM Add-on is part of the IfcOpenShell project. IfcOpenShell is an open-source library that allows anybody to manipulate IFC files. It is free software licensed under the LGPL.

If you know how to code Python or C++, you can contribute to on the v0.6.0 branch, or the underlying IfcOpenShell library.

You can also help build this website! The source code of this site is free for everyone to modify! All it takes is a bit of basic HTML knowledge.

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Participate in OpenBIM standards creation with BuildingSMART


The ability for the AEC industry to interoperate with open data standards and use open-source tools is based on the standards created by BuildingSMART. They have forums where anybody can learn more about OpenBIM and ask questions.

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Learn and engage with the Blender community


Blender has a thriving community who build amazing things, from open-source movies to parametric node-based visual programming. Learn more about how to do CG-grade 3D modeling to bring your designs to the next level on the BlenderArtists forums. If you're already a Blender wizard, share your knowledge with others!

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Discover the world of open-source


The BlenderBIM Add-on may be your first introduction to what's truly possible outside proprietary systems on the Microsoft Windows platform. There's so much more, like FreeCAD, Godot, Inkscape, The GIMP, Krita, and Git. Discover a great ecosystem of industry-grade tools and infrastructure which may open up new possibilities of how we can be smarter with our BIM data.

The visual icons on this website were from the KDE Breeze project released under the GPL.

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