An add-on for beautiful, detailed, and data-rich OpenBIM with Blender.

Experience rapid free-form and parametric modeling in Blender, a popular industry heavyweight in 3D content creation trusted by NASA, Hollywood, and Ubisoft.

Create data-rich IFC4 data to future-proof your BIM data and integrate with the rest of the OpenBIM ecosystem.

Blender and the BlenderBIM Add-on is Free Software. No licensing fees, no vendor lock-in, and a thriving community. Help us build the BIM that the industry needs.

Download the BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200912

Available for Linux Available for MacOS Available for Windows

The BlenderBIM Add-on is currently only available as alpha software. Features are added and updated on a weekly basis. We don't yet package it with any confidence for the public.

Whatever, let me use it anyway.

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