BlenderBIM example model

Create beautiful, detailed, and data-rich OpenBIM models using Blender.

Experience rapid free-form and parametric modeling in Blender, an industry heavyweight in 3D content creation trusted by NASA, Hollywood, and Ubisoft.

Model in a real-time rendered game-engine view, animate construction sequences, create 3D printable models, see VR, perform light simulation, CFD analysis, energy modeling, and more with a huge ecosystem of free add-ons.

Create data-rich IFC4 data to future-proof your BIM data and integrate with the rest of the OpenBIM ecosystem.

Deal with multiple sites and buildings and store Coordinate Reference Systems for GIS integration. Store detailed properties, do quantity take-off for costing, construction sequencing with animations, and create an OpenBIM format content library that can be used anywhere.

Blender BIM is free and open-source software. No licensing fees, no vendor lock-in, and a thriving community. Help us build the BIM that the industry needs.

Work in large collaborative teams with any version control software. Use Git, OpenBIM BIMServer, or the Blender Cloud. It's your data, and it's in your control. Build your own digital pipeline using open data standards and an interactive Python API.

Download BlenderBIM v0.0.1

Available for Linux Available for MacOS Available for Windows

BlenderBIM is currently only available as alpha software. Features are added and updated on a weekly basis. We don't yet package it with any confidence for the public.

Yeah, whatever, let me use it anyway.

Latest Updates

BlenderBIM is updated so frequently, it can be hard to catch up. Let's see the latest 20 updates. For even more updates, check out the commit log.