Create beautiful, detailed, and data-rich BIM models.

Why bother providing an OpenBIM model?

Most of us already have a BIM model authored by a proprietary program, such as ArchiCAD, Tekla, or Allplan. No matter how data-rich these models are, they have a relatively short shelf-life, and suffer large amounts of data loss when integrating with other software. Their data is also obfuscated, with limited ways to extract and manipulate it. Also, the data is in non-standard locations, which means that it cannot be easily analysed or discovered.

If you choose to focus on high quality OpenBIM models instead of relying on a proprietary format, you can:

If your business maintains a large real-esate portfolio, proprietary solutions are likely costing your business in proprietary obsolescence, proprietary incompatibility, and proprietary subscriptions. These costs and artificial vendor limitations can be avoided by pursuing an open data format policy. If OpenBIM models are an afterthought, instead of your primary output, then it's time to change.

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