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Learn Blender

If you're completely new to Blender and 3D modeling, or if you've only modeled with tools like Revit and ArchiCAD and haven't seen what the real computer graphics modeling industry is capable of, follow this easy beginners tutorial to learn 3D modeling with Blender!

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Which IFC class should I use?

All BIM objects must be classified correctly to be useful. Learning which IFC class to use is one of the most fundamental concepts to get right in OpenBIM.

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The importance of the IFC GlobalId attribute

All BIM objects must have a correctly generated identifier. However, not all BIM authoring programs do this correctly.

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BlenderBIM and Revit comparison

Revit is currently the most common BIM authoring tool by marketshare. Despite this, it is not necessarily the most powerful geometric modeling package, and nor is it necessarily the most powerful BIM data authoring tool.

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