For general informations about the Blender user interface see the respective Blender handbook section.

After installation of BlenderBIM the default Blender start-up screen looks different from the standard Blender interface.

BlenderBIM adds a new BIM Workspace to the interface and by default activates this workspace on start-up. It also modifies the layout of views and sidebars and adds custom functionality to the toolbar. The left Outliner panel shows a tree of geometric objects. The centre main Viewport panel shows 3D geometry. The right Properties panel shows data and relationships.

Blender start up window with installed BlenderBIM add-on
  1. BlenderBIM BIM workspace tab

  2. Outliner with the document tree

  3. Main 3D viewport

  4. Property editor

  5. Toolbar with added BIM functionality

  6. Status bar with information about the currently used Blender and BlenderBIM version

Additionally, the File menue in the Topbar adds menue entries to Create/Open and Save an IFC project directly.

Additional file menue options related to IFC projects