Module Contents#

class ifcopenshell.api.sequence.create_baseline.Usecase(file, work_schedule=None, name=None)#

Creates a baseline for your Work Schedule

Using a IfcWorkSchdule having PredefinedType=PLANNED, We can create a baseline for our work schedule. This IfcWorkSchedule will have PredefinedType=BASELINE and the IfcWorkSchedule.CreationDate indicating the date of the baseline creation, and IfcWorkSchedule.Name indicating the name of the baseline.

The following relationships are also baselined:

  • Same Tasks & attributes

  • Same Task Relationships

  • Same Construction Resources

  • Same Resource Relationships


work_schedule (ifcopenshell.entity_instance.entity_instance) – The planned work_schedule to baseline


The baseline work_schedule

Return type


Example: .. code:: python

# We have a Work Schedule planned_work_schedule = WorkSchedule(name=”Design new feature”,predefinedType=”PLANNED”, deadline=”2023-03-01”)

# And now we have a baseline for our Work Schedule baseline_work_schedule = ifcopenshell.api.run(“sequence.create_baseline”,file, work_schedule= planned_work_schedule, name=”Baseline 1”)

create_baseline_reference(self, relating_object, related_object)#
create_baseline_work_schedule(self, work_schedule)#